Call: 717.776.8200

Newville, PA

Call: 717.776.8200

Newville, PA

Serving the Community Since the 1920's

Friends and Neighbors (FANS)
of Green Ridge Village

Our Heritage

In 1929, two years after the incorporation of Presbyterian Homes, Inc., the first women’s auxiliary was formed. Membership was open to members of local churches, and with their support early residents of Green Ridge benefited from their dedication and generosity.

Today, the proud tradition started over 80 years ago remains in place, with an all-volunteer auxiliary comprised of members of Green Ridge Village, local church members and members of the surrounding community. The auxiliary's mission has expanded dramatically through the hours of volunteer work that  brushes across the Green Ridge Village community and reaches out into many places of need in the larger community where churches, food banks, and a variety of places of care are paired with Green Ridge Village residents.  Each year, auxiliary members volunteer move than 13,000 hours of care and service.

Just as in years past, FANS represents the very heart of this thriving, retirement community. It was organized for the purpose of providing added care where and when needed, and it proudly continues that mission today. In 1993, FANS undertook the establishment of a Thrift Shop, and in 1997 they opened the community’s Gift Shop.

FANS Officers

Executive Directors
Tom Ward - President   
Sher Wilcox - Vice President 
Norm Dittman - Secretary
Paul Gouldy- Treasurer   
Lisa Klinger - Asst. Treasurer
Bob Over - Immediate Past President
Joan and Dave Deibler and Tom Ward - Bingo
Barbara Rhoades - Budget
Joan Deibler - Nominating
Suzanne McKinnon - Gift Shop
Janet Polak - Thrift Shop
Carolyn Kough - Staff Appreciation
Harriette Van Horn - Christmas Gifts

FANS Membership Application

We invite you to help support the mission of FANS.  All are welcomed – all are needed! Download a PDF of the membership application. Please print and complete the form and mail it with your check for the annual membership dues ($5.00 minimum per person). Please make checks payable to Green Ridge Village.

Language assistance available upon request. For assistance, please contact the community using the information below.

Asistencia de idiomas disponible bajo petición. Para asistencia, comuníquese con la comunidad utilizando la información a continuación.

可根据要求提供语言帮助。 如需协助,请使用以下信息与社区联系。

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