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Newville, PA

Giving Residents the Opportunity to Live Active, Fulfilling Lives

Current Campaigns

If you know Green Ridge Village—as a resident, family member, business associate or friend—you know this is a special place. Our goal in all we do is to give residents the opportunity to live active, fulfilling lives in the company of caring neighbors and friends.

The Green Ridge Village Fund was established by former residents Jack and Helen Poorman with their contribution of $74,500. The income from this fund is used exclusively for the charitable care needs of residents of Green Ridge Village in all levels of care. The principal remains invested to ensure for the future that help will be there.

Today the fund has grown to over $1 million thanks to the many gifts from residents, family members, the Auxiliary and other friends. These gifts come in the form of memorials, tributes, bequests, gifts of insurance, IRAs and even corporate matching funds.

Gifts of any amount are gratefully received, and there are many options for making a contribution, including arrangements that can provide income back to the donor. Gifts may be made to directly support the needs of our residents, activities, and projects at Green Ridge Village. Below are specific funds that have been previously established:

  • Chapel in the Pines Fund – provides resources for the perpetual care of the Chapel which offers a tranquil place for intimate prayer and contemplation.
  • Dan and Carol Cash Walking Trail Endowment Fund – provides resources for the expansion and maintenance of walking trails throughout the GRV community. In addition, funds may be designated towards benches and exercise stations along the trails.
  • Memorial Tree Fund – provides resources for trees to be planted in memory or honor of loved ones.
  • Auxiliary – the mission of the all-volunteer Auxiliary is to raise funds to be used to enhance the lives of residents receiving Personal Care and long-term care services.
  • Bequests – provide opportunities for individuals to promote and carry out their wishes on how their assets will be used by future generations. Many individuals may not be in a financial position to make an immediate gift during their lifetime, but provisions in a will can convey one’s wishes to an organization of their choosing. We strongly recommend that you carefully consider this arrangement in relation to your comprehensive financial and estate plans. Please consult an attorney in the preparation of your will and to supervise its execution so as to comply with state requirements.
  • Memorial Gifts – honor the life of a resident and recognize the loving care and service of the staff.
  • Library Endowment Campaign – It is our dream to make the Green Ridge Village library an even better experience as we continue promoting intellectual stimulation, and opportunities for reflection and social interaction. The Library Committee has formulated an 8-member board to provide leadership as we pursue our vision. Our mission is to: “Relax, Read, Learn and Grow”. To ensure financial stability and resources for our dreams for the GRV Library, a fundraising campaign for a $25,000 Library Endowment will run from January 16 – March 16, 2018. Over time, the interest earned from this endowment will finance our projects.
  • Happy Paws Dog Park – will be located across from the community garden in a lovely field close to a line of trees. It will have plenty of room with a 435 foot perimeter chain link fence that stands four feet tall. There will be gates for entering and larger gates to bring mowers inside to keep the grass short. The park will be divided into two parts. One part will be only for the smaller dogs and one part for larger dogs. Eventually we may add benches, shrubs and a water feature for the dogs to get a drink while they run and play!

Please contact Sue Barthalow, Area Director of Resource Development, at (717) 432-1826, email: sbarthalow@psl.org to discuss how your gift can make a significant and meaningful difference. You can also contact Hope Lambert, Executive Director, at (717) 749-2310 or email: hlambert@psl.org.

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