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Bethlehem, PA

Call: 610.691.4500

Bethlehem, PA

Service to Seniors is Our Calling

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See what our residents have to say about life at Kirkland Village.

"After spending time in the hospital, I came to Kirkland Village for a respite stay in a Personal Care apartment. It was fantastic! I made many friends and enjoyed the food and activities. My favorite things at Kirkland were the courteous staff, the well-stocked library and the Marketplace. To me it seemed like a great vacation."

- Eileen A.

“To me, Kirkland Village means prominence, goals and excellence in a retirement community. My decision to come to Kirkland started the moment we drove through Kirkland Circle, with the meticulous grounds. While touring, I felt the three C’s--courteous, care, and concern. I knew we would find happiness here!”

- Bernice L.

“We moved here two and a half months ago and we love it here! Our apartment is perfectly suited and our treasures speak to us daily because they are so close to us situated better than ever before to display their finest qualities. From the Marketplace and the delicious buffets to the Cherrywood for elegant dining, to the auditorium for interesting programs, the convenience here is captivating. Thanks to our Kirkland Ambassadors, we’ve met some grand people whom we already enjoy. Now that we’re comfy and free of clutter, we’re so glad we didn’t wait any longer to move to Kirkland.”

- Madeline and Bob B.

“Four years ago, we decided to move from our New Jersey condo to Kirkland Village to enjoy the easy-living lifestyle while our health is good. We were attracted to the sense of community, the beautiful campus, the ‘all under one roof’ convenience and the opportunity to participate in activities that we enjoy. The fitness center and medical care are just a walk down the hall from our apartment. All this…plus no need to cook…unless you want to! The staff is caring and efficient. Most of all, we enjoy the opportunity to make new friends.”

- Evelyn and Ralph F.

“We didn’t want to spend our senior years worrying about home maintenance and being a burden to our children. Life at Kirkland provides interesting friends and programs which keep us abreast of what is happening in the world. Kirkland residents have fun in a beautiful environment. Our residents are active, vibrant and cheerful because we live in a positive, ‘can-do’ atmosphere. The fitness center allows us to get exercise year round! We and other residents are content because our lives are manageable.”

- Tom and Judy D.

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