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Indiana, PA

Call: 724.464.1600

Indiana, PA

Service to Seniors is Our Calling

See What Others Are Saying About St. Andrew's Village

No one describes St. Andrew's Village better than the residents and family members who call our community "home." Take a moment to read through our testimonials and come discover us for yourself.

"After looking at many choices, St. Andrew's Village Bristol Court had the things I wanted: safety, continued care, nice accommodations, knowledgeable staff and pleasant surroundings to name a few. Everyone has made me feel welcome and it has become my home quickly and easily.” 

- Norma

“Moving to Bristol Court allows me the security of living alone in a retirement village. I have people who care about my health, both mental and physical and give me the freedom to live my life to my fullest.”

- Avonelle

“When distance started becoming an issue when trying to care for my aging parents, I began searching for local options. After meeting with the director of marketing at St. Andrew's Village, I knew that it would be a good fit for all of us. The staff was extremely helpful, kind and professional throughout the transition process, making the entire experience a positive one.”

- Karen (daughter of Edward and Leona)

“The staff care for the residents of The Village House community with love, respect and dignity. Their Masterpiece Living approach provides activities and experiences that make it a home and not just a residence."

- Barb (daughter of Marguerite)

“I’m well taken care of in every way so I don’t have to worry about anything and I say that after living here for 15 years.”

- May Ireland

“The Village House is like being home. The rooms are nice and the private bath is an added amenity. The food is very good. We know our Mother is in good hands. The staff is very caring and they never pass her room without saying "Hello.”

- Family of Sara

“Moving to Bristol Court apartment three years ago was the best decision I made. Several friends were here and I've made new ones. I choose to be very active and exercise, keeping me in fairly good health. Since moving here I have everything I need to be comfortable the rest of my life and my family can go on with their lives.”

- Nancy

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