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Throughout this difficult time, we are inspired by the commitment of our staff and the patience of the residents residing in our communities. At Presbyterian Senior Living, we are committed to transparency to keep you and your family informed.

Preventing Isolation at our Communities

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Words From The Residents We Serve

We recently distributed a survey asking the residents we serve how Presbyterian Senior Living has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. We were overwhelmed at the response that we received. Take a look at some of the survey responses below.


From the beginning of the pandemic, the management and staff came up with plans to keep us safe. They have cheerfully delivered our food, done our grocery shopping, taken us to essential appointments and kept us informed. We have the added advantage of miles of walking paths and trails to keep us active and enable us to enjoy the flora and fauna.

George and Geoffrey L.
Presbyterian Senior Living Residents


Presbyterian Senior Living has encouraged us by protecting us in as many ways as possible, as quickly as possible and as effectively as possible. In particular we have appreciated its cautious and informed decisions on guidelines and restrictions. Because of this, we have felt that we could get through this difficult time and be able to continue to enjoy the rest of our lives. Their heartfelt sincerity has made us feel secure and has affirmed that the mission statement of PSL is being followed.

Ken and Sara K.
Presbyterian Senior Living Residents


PSL took action quickly to protect us from COVID as soon as they were aware of the fast spread of the disease. We have been kept informed by weekly updates as well as zoom town meetings. They are interested in our well being and are encouraging us to ask any questions.

Charles and Donna C.
Presbyterian Senior Living Residents


I am hard of hearing and almost 89 years old. COVID-19 has caused us to be locked down for several months. The employees have been very kind and understanding. They check on us, bring our meals to our apartments, [are] always available to answer our questions and work very hard to keep us old folks healthy and safe. I am so glad that I live here.

Blanche R.
Presbyterian Senior Living Resident


The staff was willing and available to help meet any need you might have: transportation, walking you through new technology, grocery and prescription pickups (even for pets), and providing equipment and information to stay physically active while isolating at home. They did all in their power to keep everyone safe. We have a wonderful support system that wouldn’t be available living on our own.

William and Sarah C.
Presbyterian Senior Living Residents


Senior living is active maintenance-free living in all the best possible ways. Structured care, activities, and socialization all within a safe environment. Administrators and all staff are devoted to our care and safety.

Myrna and Clair G.
Presbyterian Senior Living Residents

Presbyterian Senior Living is...

to a challenging reality

PSL has developed and implemented protocols for pandemic and infection control. Our decisive response to combatting COVID-19 has mitigated the spread and kept outbreaks contained.

Frequent and transparent communication, including the daily posting of COVID-19 positive cases on our website has been a hallmark of PSLs response to COVID-19. This is an example of the dedication and commitment we have to all those we serve. PSL is committed to maintaining transparency so you won’t ever wonder if one of our communities has been affected by the virus.

with over 93 years of experience

Leadership teams at all levels have been meeting regularly throughout the health crisis to ensure pandemic preparedness plans were implemented, communities were supported in every way needed, and teams were kept informed of the ever changing guidance and directives from the CDC, DOH,  and CMS. Our experienced teams have led with confidence and worked diligently to ensure the safety of the residents we serve.

to serve with creativity and innovation

All PSL communities have met and exceeded government requirements for universal testing of residents and staff. All staff, regardless of their role in a community have been tested for COVID-19. We continue weekly testing of staff and residents in order to identify any asymptomatic carriers. PSL continues to procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect residents and staff from the spread of COVID-19.

We are ready to welcome new residents into all levels of living, whether you seek independent living, personal care or assisted living, or short and long-term care in a skilled nursing environment. Communities have leveraged new, and expanded existing technologies in order to prevent social isolation and encourage virtual family visitation. Residents and families have given positive feedback in response to these efforts.

Until there is a vaccine widely available, we will continue to have measures in place for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. We are dedicated to supporting residents and families during the pandemic.

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