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Call: 740.695.7275
TTY #711

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St. Clairsville, OH

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living

Are pets permitted at Mark H. Kennedy Park?
Is there a minimum age for residency?
Is smoking permitted?
May an overnight guest visit?
Can I have DIRECTV® or other satellite dish service?
Are residents permitted to have a garden?
What kind of heat is in the apartments and cottages?
As a resident of Mark H. Kennedy Park, what kind of insurance should I have to protect my personal possessions? Renter’s Insurance? What about other insurances?
Must I be Presbyterian or a member of a Presbyterian Church to be accepted for admission?
What makes Presbyterian Senior Living Communities different?
Do you embrace cultural diversity?
Can I upgrade my appliances, carpet, fixtures, etc.? Can I have my unit painted a different color? Can I add a sunroom, screened porch or cover my deck? If yes, must I contract for the work myself or would it be done through Mark H. Kennedy Park?
Are criminal background checks conducted?
Do you permit hunting and/or heirloom firearms?
Are there additional costs/fees other than the monthly fees, cost to move in and telephone bill? Any hidden fees similar to condo or maintenance fees?
Once I’ve made a deposit and am placed on the waiting list, am I allowed to turn down a home that becomes available? Is there a limit to the number of times I can turn down a home without losing my priority on the waiting list?

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