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Call: 740.695.7275

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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living

Independent Living

Are pets permitted at Mark H. Kennedy Park?

Yes, non-aggressive dogs, cats and birds are welcomed. Any pet-related damage is the responsibility of the resident.

Is there a minimum age for residency?

Yes, residents must be at least 55.

Is smoking permitted?

Presbyterian Senior Living communities are committed to providing a healthy environment for both residents and staff. Residents, employees, visitors, vendors, contractors and volunteers are not permitted to use any tobacco products on our properties. We are pleased to join many other organizations that have taken this step and are reaping the benefits of a healthier environment.

May an overnight guest visit?

Guests are always welcome.

Can I have DIRECTV® or other satellite dish service?

The Residents’ Association has voted not to allow satellite dishes in the community for aesthetic reasons. Cable is not included in the monthly fee. Residents pay for and decide what cable package they would like.

Are residents permitted to have a garden?

Absolutely! This is encouraged and is a popular resident activity.

What kind of heat is in the apartments and cottages?

Gas heat.

As a resident of Mark H. Kennedy Park, what kind of insurance should I have to protect my personal possessions? Renter’s Insurance? What about other insurances?

You need Renter’s Insurance for the amount of your personal property. In addition, you should retain your health, liability, auto, and life insurance, just as though you were living outside of a retirement village.

Must I be Presbyterian or a member of a Presbyterian Church to be accepted for admission?

No. As a Presbyterian Senior Living Community, we enjoy the strength and stability of an organization that has served seniors for more than 80 years. Caring for people is not just our job – it’s our calling. It is our policy to admit and treat all residents without regard to race, color, national origin, age, ancestry, sex, religious creed, handicap or disability.

What makes Presbyterian Senior Living Communities different?

Presbyterian Senior Living Communities have the strength of a relatively large organization and the financial resources to provide the security that older adults expect from an organization that promises to be there for as long as needed. Our individual communities, however, offer a range of sizes and reflect our commitment to the personal touch. They are places where the staff can know each resident as an individual, and where residents’ likes and dislikes are recognized and accommodated whenever possible. Being not-for-profit gives our organization the freedom to concentrate on the needs of residents first. While for-profit corporations have the dual responsibility of providing care for residents, as well as satisfying the needs of investors, we can remain more sharply focused on meeting the needs of residents. We believe that the ability to express these higher values also enables us to attract employees and volunteers with similar values.

Do you embrace cultural diversity?

As a faith based organization, Presbyterian Senior Living is founded on the belief that every human being is of infinite worth as a unique creation of God. Based on this premise, Presbyterian Senior Living is committed to fully embracing the diversity of all persons served, so that together, we can foster a culture of inclusion in an environment free of all forms of discrimination where all people are treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to cultivate awareness and understanding of personal differences and biases so that an environment of understanding, acceptance, respect and support is established.

Can I upgrade my appliances, carpet, fixtures, etc.? Can I have my unit painted a different color? Can I add a sunroom, screened porch or cover my deck? If yes, must I contract for the work myself or would it be done through Mark H. Kennedy Park?

Upgrades, remodeling and additions to residents’ units must be presented in writing to our Executive Director and, if approved, will be at the resident’s expense.

Are criminal background checks conducted?

We are committed to the safety of all of our residents. Criminal background checks have historically been routinely conducted for all staff prior to hiring. In addition, criminal background checks are conducted during the application process for independent living residents to identify felony convictions which may interfere with the health, safety and right to peaceful enjoyment of other community residents.

Do you permit hunting and/or heirloom firearms?

Liability is an issue regarding the storing or displaying of weapons on site. Guns and other weapons may NOT be retained or stored on premises. Please consult with the individual community director about the rules and regulations for collector weapons.

Are there additional costs/fees other than the monthly fees, cost to move in and telephone bill? Any hidden fees similar to condo or maintenance fees?

There are no hidden charges. Naturally, if a resident chooses to upgrade appliances, add an extra room, paint the residence or make other interior or exterior changes to the unit – outside normal wear and tear and repair for which Mark H. Kennedy Park is responsible – the resident would need approval for such changes from our Executive Director and would be billed accordingly.

Once I’ve made a deposit and am placed on the waiting list, am I allowed to turn down a home that becomes available? Is there a limit to the number of times I can turn down a home without losing my priority on the waiting list?

Yes, you can turn down a home that becomes available. The deposit remains good. You can turn down any unit offered without losing your place on the waiting list.