What You Can Expect More Of

Less Worries, More Peace of Mind

Assurance of Safety

Having staff on hand 24/7 ensures residents are cared for should an emergency arise. Alert devices allow residents to feel safe at all times.

Personalized Care

Our team will take the time to know the resident and their family to provide an individualized care experience.

Staff That Feels Like Family

We have a dedicated staff that cares about residents’ interests and hobbies so they can feel at home.

“The day she came in here I knew she was safe. I really did not worry about her. They checked on her frequently and through the night. It's a safe environment, it really is. 

Diane M.
Resident's Daughter

Less Stress, More Quality Time

Help with Household Tasks

We can take care of household chores with our fresh linen, personal laundry, and housekeeping services so residents and families can just spend quality time during their visits together.

Assistance with Medical Appointments

Our staff help residents with scheduling medical appointments and medication management. We provide on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy if needed.

We Handle the Cooking

Take the stress out of meal planning. We provide three delicious, chef-prepared meals each day with special diet accommodations as needed. Snacks are also provided!

“My mother and I have always been very close. Since she's moved here I don't have to be doing all the things for her anymore, so we visit and we are just able to enjoy time together. They're giving me that privilege of just being able to visit with my mom.

Elizabeth L.
Resident's Daughter

Less Isolation, More Engagement

Campus Activities

Each campus has a dedicated community life staff that has full social calendars each month. Residents are invited to join in on as much or as little as they please.

Make New Friends

Residents have more ability to socialize than they would living alone at home. There is opportunity to make connections with both staff and fellow residents. People often tell us the community becomes a second family.

Support with Hobbies

Our communities have various amenities that allow the exploration of new hobbies and support old ones!

“We like to see the residents that live here happy. Whether it's pulling out a checkerboard and playing checkers at 10 o'clock at night, we're there for them. It becomes a second family for the resident's family, for the resident and the staff."

Shelley J.
PSL Staff Member

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