Who is right for Personal Care/Assisted Living?

Personal Care/Assisted Living can benefit any adult who may be needing some extra assistance with daily tasks. 

Hear from PSL staff members how Personal Care/Assisted Living is rewarding for the residents, their families, and the staff themselves.

How to Know if Personal Care/Assisted Living is Right for You or Your Loved One

Personal Care/Assisted Living IS a Good Fit for You If...

  • You or your loved one's current residence is becoming too hard to maintain

  • You or your loved one are feeling unsafe or anxious about being alone

  • Managing meals, household chores, or other activities of daily living are becoming difficult or burdensome

Personal Care/Assisted Living IS NOT a good fit for you if…

  • You or a loved one needs long-term acute medical care

  • You or your loved one need treatment for a severe injury, illness, or chronic medical condition

  • You or your loved one are seeking any form of addiction recovery

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Not sure what to expect with Personal Care/Assisted Living?

Check out what you can expect to find More  of with Personal Care/Assisted Living. 

What to Expect

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“She did not have to give up some of the things that she enjoyed. That's the good thing about being in this kind of Assisted Living. You can be as independent as you want to be and can be. ”

Diane M.
Resident's Daughter

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What is included in the fee?

What does Personal Care & Assisted Living Cost?

Why should I move my loved one to a community instead of caring for them at home?

I'm concerned about my loved one getting COVID in a community. How do you ensure their safety?

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