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Call: 800.992.8992

Doylestown, PA

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living

Pine Run Village Life Plan Community FAQs

What makes Presbyterian Senior Living Communities different?

What is a Life Plan Community?

Is there a minimum age for residency?

Do you embrace cultural diversity?

Must I be Presbyterian or Methodist, or a member of a Methodist or Presbyterian Church to be accepted for admission?

Are pets permitted?

Is smoking permitted?

Is there a waiting list?

What happens if you are with us longer than your resources last?

How do you assess my ongoing needs?

How do you handle refunds when residents leave the community?

May an overnight guest visit?

Independent Living Cottage and Apartment FAQs

What are the advantages of Independent Living in a Life Plan Community?

Are residents in the cottages permitted to have a garden?

If I live in an Independent Living cottage or apartment for awhile, then need temporary or permanent medical care, can I move into Personal Care? How is the transition handled? What happens to my cottage or apartment?

Are the monthly fees fixed for a set period of time or permanent? ​What criteria determine any increases?

Once a deposit has been made and I am placed on the waiting list, am I allowed to turn down a home that becomes available? Is there a limit to the number of times I can turn down a home without losing my priority on the waiting list?

May I have an overnight guest visit in my home?

Personal Care FAQs

Do I have to be a member of Pine Run Village to be considered for admission to the Personal Care residence?

Are you reasonably priced?

Regarding Personal Care, does Medicare cover some of the cost?

Skilled Nursing FAQs

How many skilled nursing residents can Pine Run Village accommodate?

How do I pay for Pine Run Village's skilled nursing care?

Visiting my loved one at a long-term care center is difficult. How can I make it more enjoyable and fulfilling for both of us?


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