What is Transitional Care?

Transitional Care is designed to help individuals regain strength, restore function, and improve health through expert care and rehabilitation services. Providing you with your Path to Possible from hospital to home.

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How Does Transitional Care Work?

Your Path to Possible in 5 Simple Steps

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    Secure Your Spot

    We can help guide you to your Path to Possible by calling us today to secure your spot at the Transitional Care unit of your choice.

    Find a location

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    Inform the Hospital of Your Decision

    Let your physician, hospital discharge planner, or hospital case manager know you would like to receive Transitional Care services at your selected location. The hospital will then provide us with necessary information to help you start your Path to Possible.

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    Your Stay Begins

    Your Path to Possible begins upon arrival. 

    You will meet your care team to discuss your goals, your care needs, and establish a discharge date. Our goal is to understand you as a person, and create a space where you can thrive.

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    You Are On Your Path to Possible

    At this point, our skilled and caring team will be working with you each day on your individual care plan. You will be actively working towards your personal physical, nutritional, and wellness goals.

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    Preparing to Head Home

    At this stage, you have completed your time in Transitional Care and are ready to go home. You have met the goals of your individualized care plan with the support of our team. We will help arrange for supportive services or equipment based on your needs to ensure continued success at home.

    Hear from Michelle, daughter of a Transitional Care patient.

    "She’s 100% better. She can walk much better than she could before, she doesn’t get as winded, little things like that. She can walk back and forth to the bathroom now, before she came here, she couldn’t even do that."

    Daughter of Transitional Care Patient

    Hear from Michelle, daughter of a Transitional Care patient.

    You have questions. We have answers.

    How would I benefit from Transitional Care services?

    How long will I stay?

    How will I know if my insurance will approve or cover this stay?

    Will I have to pay anything for my stay?

    What will I be doing each day?

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