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Williamsport, PA

Call: 570.601.8350

Williamsport, PA

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living

Personal Care

Are pets permitted?

Yes. Presbyterian Home at Williamsport allows pets with a pet deposit. You must be able to provide care for your pet on your own.

Must I be Presbyterian or a member of a Presbyterian Church to live there?

No. As a Presbyterian Senior Living Community, we enjoy the strength and stability of an organization that has served seniors for more than 80 years. Caring for people is not just our job—it’s our calling. It is our policy to admit and treat all residents without regard to race, color, national origin, age, ancestry, sex, religious creed, handicap or disability.

How do you assess my ongoing needs?

We meet with each person when he or she joins our community to identify their unique health and wellness needs. We then meet periodically so that we are able to take advantage of every opportunity to promote wellness, safety and as much independence as possible.

Do you have a buy-in contract or any additional fees?

No. We bill on a monthly basis.

Is there a waiting list?

Please call for our current availability.

What happens if you are with us longer than your resources last?

No one has ever been asked to leave the Presbyterian Senior Living system of care because they had outlived their resources. There is, however, an application process, which requires that eligibility for Medical Assistance and other third-party reimbursements be maintained. Divesting assets through gifts, trusts, or in other ways could disqualify you for this assistance or result in a longer time period before which you would qualify. We have an unwavering history of keeping our commitment to the people we serve.

I see that you are now offering Personal Care instead of Assisted Living. What is the difference?

Historically, Pennsylvania has only had a licensure category for personal care homes, however, they allowed all personal care providers to use the term "assisted living" to describe the services they provide. Based on new regulations, we must revise all promotional, signage, and other materials to reflect a change in terminology from "assisted living" to "personal care". Please be aware this change in terminology is due to a change in state licensure and does not involve a change in our operations, staffing, programs or services. The Easton Home staff and volunteers remain committed to striving for the high quality care and service that residents have come to expect and enjoy.

Regarding Personal Care, does Medicare cover some of the cost?

No. Neither Medicare nor Medicaid pay for Personal Care services.

Is the price affordable?

Our rates are very competitive. The daily fee reflects the charge for the Personal Care suite and the day-to-day costs of providing quality service and care. Many of our residents are surprised to learn how affordable we are.

Do you have private rooms?

All of our rooms are private, and some of our larger rooms are large enough to accommodate a couple.

Can couples live there?


Is smoking permitted?

Presbyterian Senior Living communities are committed to providing a healthy environment for both residents and staff. Residents, employees, visitors, vendors, contractors and volunteers are not permitted to use any tobacco products on our properties. We are pleased to join many other organizations that have taken this step and are reaping the benefits of a healthier environment.

What makes Presbyterian Senior Living Communities different?

Presbyterian Senior Living Communities have the strength of a relatively large organization and the financial resources to provide the security that older adults expect from an organization that promises to be there for as long as needed. Our individual communities, however, offer a range of sizes and reflect our commitment to the personal touch. They are places where the staff can know each resident as an individual, and where residents’ likes and dislikes are recognized and accommodated whenever possible. Being not-for-profit gives our organization the freedom to concentrate on the needs of residents first. While for-profit corporations have the dual responsibility of providing care for residents, as well as satisfying the needs of investors, we can remain more sharply focused on meeting the needs of residents. We believe that the ability to express these higher values also enables us to attract employees and volunteers with similar values.

Do you embrace cultural diversity?

As a faith based organization, Presbyterian Senior Living is founded on the belief that every human being is of infinite worth as a unique creation of God. Based on this premise, Presbyterian Senior Living is committed to fully embracing the diversity of all persons served, so that together, we can foster a culture of inclusion in an environment free of all forms of discrimination where all people are treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to cultivate awareness and understanding of personal differences and biases so that an environment of understanding, acceptance, respect and support is established.