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Call: 610.782.8300

Allentown, PA

Helping Families Cope with the Challenges of Alzheimer's and Other Forms of Memory Impairment

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Care for People with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Forms of Memory Impairment

Our memory support services provide skilled nursing, personal care, and therapy to those with Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia and other forms of memory impairment. Our goal is to enable residents, staff, and families to create an environment that is supportive, calm, and secure. In addition, our positive approach to Alzheimer's and dementia care allow us to create customized care plans—providing the right level of care in a structured, nurturing environment. We place the utmost importance on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of those we serve.

Memory Support

“Neighborhood of Hope” is a separate, secured memory support neighborhood where we provide skilled nursing services and therapy to those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of memory impairment. Ongoing, daily, normal life experiences are particularly critical to people with memory loss. The Pioneer Network’s Artifacts of Culture Change, Masterpiece Living, and mandatory ongoing education and training for our team guide us in identifying ways to provide the supportive environment needed for our residents to experience independence. These methods support improvement of self-esteem by offering consistent, positive experiences throughout the day. The inherent challenges of promoting freedom of choice and personal satisfaction in people with Alzheimers/Dementia requires continuous staff training which is provided for Westminster Village by Utilizing the CMS “Hand-in-Hand” series along with annual culture change education.


  • Validation Therapy encourages interaction by enabling others to step into the “reality” of the individual. This frequently involves reminiscing about a previous career or hobby.
  • Consistent nursing assignments and caregiving teams create a sense of belonging and security for residents.
  • Comfortable surroundings enable residents, staff and families to enjoy an environment that is supportive and calm.
  • Weight loss and dehydration can be serious issues for people with memory impairment. The dining experience in our brand new dining room is sensitive to the slower pace that is critical for those residents who need to be cued and prompted to eat and drink.
  • Our Snoezelen Room provides a therapeutic and soothing environment that uses cozy reclining chairs, sounds of nature, meditative music, and aroma therapy, as well as visual and tactile displays that surround the room, to create a soothing environment.
  • “Celine’s Garden” provides a beautiful secured area for individuals to take a stroll, enjoy the fresh air, sit and relax with a loved one while surrounded by an array of scenic foliage.
  • A pleasant bathing experience decreases agitation and helps residents feel in control. Our “Bathing Spa” promotes comfort and provides a pleasant bathing experience.

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