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7 Wellness Classes for Seniors in Philadelphia
Alex Dinh

By: Alex Dinh on December 5th, 2019

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7 Wellness Classes for Seniors in Philadelphia

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “the first wealth is health.” Being healthy is something you have to want for your own wellbeing. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I want to get active but I don’t think I can keep up with it,” don’t fret! Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re taking those first steps, you’re already on the right path. Getting started can be hard, but once you start seeing results you won’t want to quit. We have compiled seven different classes offered in Philadelphia that will help you start or continue your path towards living a healthy lifestyle.

1. Enhance Wellness by Northeast YMCAseniors-doing-water-aerobics

The YMCA isn’t just for kids and teens. They cater to everyone, and the northeast YMCA has recently started a program for older adults to get active. The programs they offer immerse adults into many different styles of fitness. From water aerobics to learning new stretches and cardio warm-ups, their goal is to provide seniors with the foundation to live a more active lifestyle.

2. Silver Sneakers Classics by Philadelphia Sports Club 

 Silver Sneakers is a senior lifestyle program run out of the Philadelphia Sports Club. They offer muscle strength and range of movement training which uses free weights and elastic bands to help promote flexibility and stability throughout the body. Four to five instructors teach throughout Philadelphia, and with many different times slots for classes, attending a class has never been easier!

3. Dance Cardio at The Becoming Centerseniors-dance-cardio-class

The Becoming Center in Philadelphia specializes in senior fitness and health, offering classes for those who want to do more than just basic running and lifting. The classes range from Tai chi to dance cardio. The dance classes are specifically catered to the participants and the program is entirely driven by the music, which makes it even more enjoyable!

4. Chair Yoga at the Ralston Center

Opening its doors in 1817, the Ralston Center has been around to make a positive impact on seniors in northeast Philadelphia for over 200 years . Ralston aims to help older adults improve their flexibility and balance.  They offer chair yoga, which modifies regular yoga poses to make yoga more accessible for those who cannot stand or lack mobility.  The center offers the class every Wednesday, and participants’ first class is free. 

5. Chair Exercises at South Philadelphia Older Adult Center

The South Philadelphia Older Adult Center offers chair exercises for those who want to use light weights but still want a good workout. Chair exercise classes are offered on Mondays and Fridays with other types of classes available mid- week. Among those classes are things such as line dancing and Zumba as well as an enhanced fitness class for those who want a bigger push.

6. Tai Chi at the Healing Arts Center senior-tai-chi-class-1

Tai chi chuan (Tai chi/Taiji) is a practice that integrates martial arts movements with Qi (pronounced Chee), circulation, breathing and stretching techniques according to the Healing Arts Center. Today, Tai chi is not only used for self-defense but also has great health benefits for back pain and arthritis. The classes focus on the core fundamentals and movements of Tai chi, and offer new insight on the healing factors of the practice. The classes are taught by Dr. Barry Silverman, a double black sash, who has won many martial arts champion awards.

7. Healthy Steps in Motion at the West Chester Senior Center

For those who are closer to the outskirts of Philadelphia, the West Chester Senior Center has various wellness programs on a flexible schedule throughout the week. The programs are taught by their health and wellness coordinator, and the class is focused on strength, flexibility and balance. The class also teaches and assists in fall prevention for seniors.

Throughout and around the Philadelphia area, there are many outreach opportunities for seniors to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is through a dance program, chair yoga or Tai chi, there are classes that fit everybody. If traveling to these fitness classes isn't appealing,  you may be interested in living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community, which places living, fitness, dining, and more, all on one convenient campus. 

Interested in learning more about all that a continuing care retirement community has to offer? Check out Cathedral Village, a full scale community dedicated to the health and wellness of all the residents they serve. 

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