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Green Ridge Village Announces Closing of Gilliland Manor
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Green Ridge Village Announces Closing of Gilliland Manor

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Gilliland Manor has been an integral part of the Green Ridge Village community, providing housing, services and support to residents for more than sixty years. Today, the Manor provides Personal Care services to residents needing assistance with their daily routine. As the demand for services has changed over the years, Presbyterian Senior Living has adapted to meet the needs of consumers. 

Most recently, people are staying in their homes longer and desire a community and residences where they can live in one home and adapt that home to meet their changing needs. As a result, there is less demand for Personal Care residential living. Green Ridge Village has witnessed this shift in consumer preference over the last several years and despite increased efforts to market these services in the Newville area, consumer interest for this product in our region has waned. As an organization, we have been strategically considering how to approach this decrease in demand in order to take a more phased approach. With the recent pandemic, however, the demand has shifted much more quickly and a more immediate response is necessary. 

As a result, we have made the difficult decision to close Gilliland Manor. Residents will be relocated to Carriage Courts, the Personal Care neighborhood in the Swaim Health Center. This will benefit residents as it will allow us to more highly focus our personal care services and provide more long-term stability as people age. We plan to begin moving residents this week and anticipate the relocations to be completed within the next sixty days. 

We will be evaluating whether there is the ability to repurpose Gilliland Manor for future use and will keep you apprised of those opportunities. 

If you have any questions, please contact Hope Lambert, Executive Director at (717) 776-8238 or 

Warm Regards,  

Dan Davis

Senior Vice President

Chief Operating Officer

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