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PSL a Great Place to Work
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PSL a Great Place to Work

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Presbyterian Senior Living has been certified as a Great Place to Work for the third consecutive year. The Great Place to Work Certification recognizes employers who create an exceptional employee experience. Great Place to Work is supported by 30 years of research which helped build the Great Place to Work model, identifying trust at the core of creating a great workplace.

What is the Great Place to Work certification?

As defined by the certification, a Great Place to Work is one where the employees trust the people they work for, take pride in the work they do and feel camaraderie within their work environment, regardless of their role, identity or position within the organization

The certification is a two-step process. Employees are asked to participate in an anonymous survey measuring the behaviors that lead to a trusting workplace environment. The Great Place to Work survey consists of 60 Trust Index statements, which rate the overall dimension of Trust, including Credibility, Fairness, Respect, Camaraderie, and Pride. The survey also includes 13 demographic questions that evaluate employee experience across departments and managerial levels to build an inclusive workplace that will unlock better team collaboration.

Overall, PSL has a Trust Index® score of 66. This score has remained steady through the consecutive surveys. 61% of team members’ survey responses indicated they feel a high sense of Trust and plan to continue their employment with the organization. Employees highly rated PSL as a safe place to work. Additionally, they indicated their jobs have special meaning, they feel they make a difference at work, and a sense of pride comes from their work.

What Happens After Certification?

The Great Place to Work survey results are shared across the organization. Employees then have the opportunity to participate in action planning sessions, in which leaders gain additional insights to adapt and make adjustments where necessary. The action planning process addresses feedback from the survey and creates a timeline to convert actionable information into positive change. The action plans remain a focus throughout the certification window.

The importance of action planning is that employees will judge the value of the survey based on the actions taken from the survey feedback.

Finally, the Great Place to Work certification helps job seekers identify which employers sincerely offer a great company culture and employee experience. PSL remains dedicated to gaining valuable feedback from team members. This feedback allows us to continue to offer workplace enhancements. Our goal is to continue providing a workplace where all team members feel a high sense of trust and camaraderie in their work environment and an overall sense of belonging.

About Presbyterian Senior Living

PSL is a mission-driven organization that lives our values of integrity, mutual respect, creative curiosity, and connectedness. Building on a legacy of 96 years, we provide residential and care services to more than 6,000 seniors in 27 locations across the mid-Atlantic region of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Delaware.

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