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Presbyterian Senior Living

Donate to the Presbyterian Senior Living Mission

Why Should You Donate to Presbyterian Senior Living?

Thank you for considering a gift to Presbyterian Senior Living or one of its communities.

Your gift will make a difference and impact the lives of the people we serve and the employees that care for them. Your generosity matters to us – each gift is important. We will be diligent and accountable as good stewards of your financial support.

How Do I Donate?

To make a donation online, please complete the form to the right. We appreciate your gift of support. If you would like your donation to be designated to a specific community or community program, please fill in the additional information section.

If you are making a general donation please be assured your funds will be used where they are most needed.

You may opt out of future solicitations for fundraising by contacting the Office of Resource Development at 1 Trinity Dr East, Suite 201, Dillsburg, PA 17019, emailing ckulp@psl.org, or calling (800) 382-1385.

Thank you from the staff and residents of Presbyterian Senior Living.

Make An Online Donation

Presbyterian Senior Living accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card.

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Worried About Your Information? We have you covered.
Your trust is vitally important to us at PSL. We take great care to protect your personal information and assets, and to keep your information confidential. To view our complete privacy policy click here.

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How To Cancel a Recurring Payment with Presbyterian Senior Living

If you'd like to cancel your recurring donation to Presbyterian Senior Living, please visit this page and enter your email address.

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