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Senior Living Myths

3 Common Senior Living Myths

Myth 1: All retirement communities are the same.

False. Presbyterian Senior Living offers an array of senior living options catered to individual needs that ensures every person receives quality, personalized care. At Presbyterian Senior Living, we pride ourselves on offering an array of activities and options to keep people engaged—as much or as little as they like. When you move in to one of our communities, you’ll live in comfort amongst caring friends and attentive staff.


Myth 2: Entering a senior living community will only hasten the end of my life.

False. In fact, life at a Presbyterian Senior Living community will only enrich and further energize your life. You’ll be blown away by the many activities offered and enjoy independence coupled with community togetherness. Research shows that living alone actually hastens the end of someone’s life and because our communities offer personalized medical care, an on-site fitness center at most locations, and an outdoor environment conducive to an active life, you’ll feel better than you ever did before.


Myth 3: Only the rich can afford to live in a senior living community.

False. While this may be the case at other senior living communities, at Presbyterian Senior Living you’ll rest assured knowing no one has ever been asked to leave our system of care because they have outlived their resources. There is, however, an application process, which requires that eligibility for Medical Assistance and other third-party reimbursements be maintained. Divesting assets through gifts, trusts, or in other ways could disqualify you for this assistance or result in a longer time period before which you would qualify. We have an unwavering history of keeping our commitment to the people we serve.

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