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Celebrating Social Work Month

Celebrating Social Work Month

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celebrating social work monthWith aging comes the need for adjusting, changing and growing. Those transitions don’t always occur smoothly. In some cases, the changes associated with aging — including physical challenges and the loss of friends and loved ones — can leave seniors facing difficult emotions and in need of assistance from a caring, supportive professional.

March is Social Work Month, and we at Presbyterian Senior Living want to take the opportunity to recognize the many licensed social workers who serve our communities’ residents faithfully. These dedicated, compassionate individuals care for an aging generation whose members don’t always get the personal attention they deserve.

Recognizing Social Workers

The official theme for this year’s Social Work Month is “Forging Solutions Out of Challenges.” In so many ways, social workers are part of the solution to the heartaches and ills plaguing modern society.

The National Association of Social Workers notes that more than 600,000 of these dedicated professionals serve people of all ages in the United States. Working with individuals, families, schools, universities, businesses, hospitals, government and entire communities, social workers assist people in reaching their potential and bettering the nation as a whole. They help resolve conflicts, promote positive relationships and — most importantly — bring hope to people who may desperately need it.

Social workers constitute the nation’s largest group of mental health care providers. They help people fight anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other problems to live more engaging and fulfilled lives.

Helping Seniors in Many Ways

For seniors, social workers provide invaluable services. In Presbyterian Senior Living communities, our social workers stand by residents as they cope with life’s trying times. It would be impossible to name all the ways in which our social workers help residents, but here are a few scenarios:

  • For a resident whose eyesight has deteriorated, a social worker helps with transitioning away from driving to successfully using the many available transportation services in our communities to maintain independence.
  • When a resident loses a loved one or a lifelong friend, a social worker is there to encourage grieving — and to encourage staying connected with life.
  • If a resident is suffering from isolation or depression, a social worker makes sure she receives the appropriate care and access to resources.
  • When it becomes necessary for a resident to transition to a different level of care, a social worker ensures that the move goes smoothly — and simply offers support and comfort to both the resident and his loved ones and friends.
  • When a resident has a serious medical event or passes away, a social worker provides compassionate counseling for the resident’s loved ones and friends in the community.
  • For all residents and their loved ones, social workers are a valuable source of knowledge and experience, and — most importantly — they truly listen.

We Support Our Social Workers

The residents and staff of Presbyterian Senior Living communities are truly grateful for our wonderful social workers, and we want them to know how much we support them and value their contributions. We recognize the important work of our own social workers, as well as those nationwide, to increase the quality of life for seniors everywhere.

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