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Culture Change and Patient-Centered Care

Culture Change and Patient-Centered Care

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Patient-centered care is rapidly changing the healthcare care industry. For Presbyterian Senior Living, its a concept that's been incorporated into our mission and dates as far back as our origin—over 82 plus years ago. Our mission, to offer Christian understanding, compassion and a sense of belonging to promote wholeness of body, mind and spirit is at the very core of what culture change and patient-centered care is all about.

Our approach, focusing on a person's physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being, improves quality of care and quality of life for individuals served. It's this kind of compassion and forward-thinking that makes us who we are: an organization focused on meeting the needs of our residents. However, in order to fully effect such a large shift in the mindset of culture, it first starts with the dedication, time investment, and training of staff. In other words, it takes an inside-out approach to drive change. It's a strategy that relies on the core competencies of staff.  

Teresa Buchman, Corporate Director of Clinical Services for Presbyterian Senior Living, confirms by telling McKnights, a long-term care news magazine:

teresabuchman230_698528This level of knowledge and training is key to Presbyterian Senior Living's mission to focus on the individual person served. Senior care is not “one size fits all.” This shift to a patient-centered care model is not just a procedural or operational change; it is a cultural and foundational change.

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