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Clearing up the Differences Between Non-Profit and For-Profit Senior Living Organizations

Non Profit and For Profit Senior Living OrganizationsWe’ve found that there is a lot of confusion around non-profit and for-profit providers of senior housing and services, so we created this ebook to illustrate the differences in Mission, Care, and Stakeholders:

  • Benefits provided by non-profits’ service-based missions
  • Characteristics that differentiate non-profit senior living providers from for-profit providers
  • Differences in ownership and sponsorship between for-profit and non-profit senior living providers
  • Critical differences in quality of medical care in non-profit versus for-profit organizations
  • How income is used in a non-profit organization versus a for-profit organization
  • The value of diverse, volunteer board members in non-profit organizations
  • How the acuity-based staffing models in non-profit organizations result in a higher quality of care for residents
  • The results of a “New York Times” investigation of nursing facilities owned by private equity firms
  • BONUS: The Non-Profit Difference, and the Hallmarks of a Non-Profit Organization

We hope you enjoy Clearing up the Differences Between Non-Profit and For-Profit Senior Living Organizations. Just fill out the form on the right, and it's yours!

See the Differences in Mission, Care, and Stakeholders

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