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COVID-19 Restrictions at Communities Offering Healthcare Services
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COVID-19 Restrictions at Communities Offering Healthcare Services

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Across all PSL communities the response by residents receiving the vaccination has been tremendous.  Resident vaccination rates are at 93%! In addition, our staff vaccination rates continue to increase and the prevalence of the virus in the counties that PSL serves has plummeted. In response to this encouraging information, Presbyterian Senior Living is pleased to announce revised guidance for Independent Living communities effective August 10, 2021

 Residents and visitors in health center, personal care or assisted living should refer to our visitation guidance blog for additional information.

Guidance for all PSL communities offering healthcare is as follows:

Please bear in mind that if there is a change in the COVID-19 status of a community, the guidance listed below may be modified or discontinued.

  • Mask wearing is required of all residents and visitors indoors at any level of living on a PSL campus.
  • Masks are to be worn during exercise.  Social distancing is to be practiced
  • Masks are to be worn while using campus transportation.  Social distancing is to be practiced by seating every other row.
  • Visitors to IL can attend group programs, dining, fitness centers and enjoy common spaces. (Policies must be followed for Fitness Centers related to orientation and access/waiver.)
  • Attendance must be taken at all group meetings, programs, entertainment, etc. (This is for contact tracing purposes in an emergency.)
  • Residents may cross-over to other levels of living for programming and all policies related to Life Safety must be followed.
  • Residents are strongly encouraged to wear masks outdoors and while off campus.
  • Social distancing and masking are to be followed during any group program or event.
  • Social distancing will be practiced in the dining rooms.  Maximum 4 persons per table and social distancing of 6 feet.  (this does not apply to persons from the same household dining together)

Thank you for the continued support you show PSL and each other during this time. 

Have questions or need additional information? Let us know.

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