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Presbyterian Senior Living COVID-19 Visitation Requirements
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Presbyterian Senior Living COVID-19 Visitation Requirements

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We are excited to welcome visitors back to select Presbyterian Senior Living communities, and are committed to doing so as safely as possible in order to ensure the health and safety of residents and visitors. In order to visit a resident at a Presbyterian Senior Living community, all visitors must read and adhere to the following requirements before entering the community.

Visitation Requirements:


Screening & Self Attestation

Any visitor to health center, personal care, assisted living, or an apartment community will be required to sign in and be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Visitors to cottages or single homes may proceed directly to their destination.



PPE Use May Be Required

As directed by staff, appropriate PPE may be provided by the community and required to be worn by visitors at all times.


Masks Required

All visitors must wear a mask at all times when visiting the community. Residents are asked to wear a mask whenever receiving visitors.



Physical Distancing

Visitors must remain at least 6 feet away from all other parties during their visit.


Hand Washing

All visitors must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at the beginning and end of each visit.




For additional information on visitation for Health Center, Personal Care, and Assisted Living residents, please see the section below.

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In-Person Visitation For Health Center, Personal Care, and Assisted Living Residents

Presbyterian Senior Living continues to follow the guidance of the CDC, CMS, and state governing agencies in regards to visitation in our communities and most specifically the Health Center, Personal Care, and Assisted Living communities.  PSL is committed to making a reasonable effort to accommodate visits while considering the conditions listed below that can require communities to restrict visitation, or restrict visitors who fail to adhere to the PSL Visitation Requirements.

Residents who are positive for COVID-19 or awaiting COVID-19 test results will only receive visits that are virtual, or through windows. In-person visits for COVID-19 positive residents are reserved for compassionate care situations, with adherence to transmission-based precautions.

Outdoor Visitation

While taking a person-centered approach and adhering to the PSL Visitation Requirements, outdoor visitation is preferred. Outdoor visits pose a lower risk of transmission due to increased space and airflow. One pet on a leash is allowed per visit.

The following conditions will impact the ability to effectively conduct outdoor visits:

  • Inclement weather (rain or snow); excessively hot or cold temperatures; and poor air quality
  • The individual resident’s medical and/or COVID-19 status
  • Community COVID-19 outbreak status

Indoor Visitation

PSL will accommodate indoor visitation contingent on the following criteria. Factors listed below can have an impact on the ability to visit indoors and may require visitation restrictions on a community by community basis.

  • Residents with confirmed COVID-19 infection, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated are not eligible for visitation until they have met the criteria to discontinue Transmission-Based Precautions 
  • Residents in quarantine, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, are not eligible for visitation until they have met criteria to discontinue quarantine
  • Community is not conducting outbreak testing
  • Visitors must adhere to PSL Visitation Requirements
  • Limitations on the number of visitors requires all visitation to be scheduled in advance. Visits are limited from thirty minutes to two hours depending on building visitor capacity for adherence to social distancing requirements
    • Please call the community to schedule a visit
    • Residents in a private room may have a two visitors at a time
    • Residents in a semi-private room may have one visitor at a time
  • Visitors are required to go directly to visitation area and promptly leave the community upon the end of the visit. Visitors will not have access to community dining rooms or other common spaces designated for resident use
  • County positivity rates will affect the ability to provide indoor visitation. If the community's COVID-19 county positivity rate is >10% and <70% of residents in the facility are fully vaccinated; visitation is restricted to fully vaccinated residents and Compassionate Care (PA); Support Person (DE); Support Person with a Disability (MD); and end of life visits
  • One pet on a leash is allowed per visit

Except for ongoing virtual visits, a community may restrict visitation based on the following:

  • Community COVID-19 status
  • Resident COVID-19 status
  • County COVID-19 positivity rate
  • Visitor Symptoms
  • Failure to adhere to PSL Visitation Requirements

Visitation to Health Center, Personal Care, and Assisted Living is permitted at any time if your loved one is at end of life. These limited visitors must pass a screening process before entering any area of the community, and must call the community's main number before attempting to gain access to the community. End of life visitation to a person who is positive for COVID-19 also requires the visitor to sign an assumption of risk and waiver of liability for exposure to, or infection from, COVID-19 upon arrival at the community.

Have questions or need additional information? Let us know.

Virtual Visitation For Health Center, Personal Care, and Assisted Living Residents

In order for you to remain in contact with any of your friends or loved ones that you are unable to visit in person, our CCRCs and Personal Care Residences have arranged online self scheduling for virtual visits. PSL staff will work to facilitate these virtual visits with residents, and family members and friends can join on their personal devices from multiple different locations at the same time, allowing everyone to join in the same visit. If you would like to schedule a phone call or video conference with your loved one in a PSL health center, personal care, or assisted living community, please click the corresponding link below.

Independent Living residents can be contacted directly using their own phone numbers or personal technology. For everyone's safety, PSL staff is unable to enter independent living residences to assist with virtual visits.

In order to allow us to accommodate everyone, we kindly ask that you limit virtual visit sessions to no more than two per week. If special circumstances require more frequent visits, or you are experiencing scheduling issues, please call the community-specific number below.

Have questions or need additional information? Let us know.

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