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Call: 610.250.5000

Easton, PA

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Living

The Easton Home historically was just for women. Are men allowed to live there?
Are pets permitted?
Must I be Presbyterian or a member of a Presbyterian Church to live there?
How do you assess my ongoing needs?
Do you have a buy-in contract or any additional fees?
What happens if you are with us longer than your resources last?
I see that you are now offering Personal Care instead of Assisted Living. What is the difference?
Regarding Personal Care, does Medicare cover some of the cost?
Is The Easton Home secure for residents?
Is the price affordable?
Do you have private rooms?
Can couples live there?
Is smoking permitted?
What makes Presbyterian Senior Living Communities different?
Do you embrace cultural diversity?
Do you permit hunting and/or heirloom firearms?

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