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Revealed! 5 Secrets to Becoming an Effective Charitable Giver

Revealed! 5 Secrets to Becoming an Effective Charitable Giver

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Giver2Giving back locally is a great way to show appreciation for the life-enhancing work area organizations are doing for the improvement of community life. By doing so, you're not only declaring you are proud to be a member of the community in which you live; but in fact, you're living out honorable traits that sharpen effective habits. It's what financial stewardship is all about.

So, what exactly does thoughtful gift giving look like? How can your dollars be used to make a lasting impact? Keep reading as we reveal 5 secrets to becoming an effective charitable giver.

1. An effective charitable giver gives not for the recognition.

An effective charitable giver doesn't give for the recognition, instead they give because they feel their gift will make a difference and answer a need. The act of anonymous giving allows the giver to focus on the results of giving, without being caught up in any preconceived notions of prestige his or her gift giving may bring.  

2. An effective charitable giver recognizes smart investments.

An effective charitable giver is wise and able to discern which investments will produce widespread impact. Giving to an immediate cause is commendable; it's a gift that will produce long-lasting effects. A gift to charity or a local cause can never be returned or regifted. As such, an effective charitable giver can be certain future generations will reap the rewards. Always look for gifts that will keep on giving.

3. An effective charitable giver invests in self first.

An effective charitable giver understands the value in being filled up before giving out. When a charitable giver allows themselves to be filled with the kindness of others, it in turn makes the giving process that much more enjoyable. Diving into the depths of this fullness is what gift giving is all about. After all, it's OK to be on the receiving end of something good, now and again.

4. An effective charitable giver gives high quality gifts.

High quality gifts don't always equal high monetary value; instead, high quality gifts consists of gifts from the heart. An effective charitable giver understands this doesn't just include resources, but time. The gift of time is invaluable and irreplaceable. An effective charitable giver readily gives of their time—be it volunteering at a community recycling drive, a local retirement center, or participating in communty-wide giving days.

5. An effective charitable giver uses gifts to magnify the power of giving.

While one gift can make a difference, an effective charitable giver knows that true power is in multiple gift giving. An effective charitable giver anticipates their gift will encourage others to answer the call and give to the needs of others. When a community comes together for one cause, big things happen and lives are changed for the better.

Now it's your turn to be an effective charitable giver! Join us and the rest of Centre County for a community-wide online giving event!


Windy Hill Village, a Presbyterian Senior Living community in Phillipsburg PA, will be partnering with the Centre Foundation for a 36-hour online giving event, beginning May 5 and ending May 6 from 6am to 6pm. Gifts designated to Windy Hill through Centre Gives will help support renovations to resident rooms. Be a part of something big while giving back locally!


Learn more about Centre Gives and how you can become a more effective charitable giver.

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