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5 Virtual Activities to Celebrate Mother
Emily Shoemake

By: Emily Shoemake on May 8th, 2020

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5 Virtual Activities to Celebrate Mother's Day During COVID-19

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With Mother's Day right around the corner, many of us are feeling disappointed about not spending Mother's Day with the moms we love most in our lives. Although you may not be able to visit the mother in your life, there are plenty of things to do virtually to make the most out of this situation and make Mother's Day as special as any other year! Check out our list below, where we’ve compiled five fun and unique ways to spend this holiday during such unusual times.

1. Check off some of your bucket list locations virtuallycheck-off-bucket-list-virtually-for-mother's-day-during-covid19

With the current conditions in the world, thousands of locations are taking to the internet and providing virtual tours that allow you to really see all the small details that make a place unique. Destinations from tropical resorts to historic monuments are offering an inside look at all the glory that they hold.

Google Arts & Culture has hundreds of 360-degree videos to allow you to feel fully immersed in a wide variety of destinations.

Here are a few locations to get you started:

Hop on a video call with your loved ones via Google Hangouts or Zoom and share your screen so everyone participating can see the 360 tour in synchronization!

2. Play an online gamevirtual-game-night-for-mothers-day-during-covid19

There is a world of opportunity when it comes to playing traditional games virtually, and many of them are free! Playing a game virtually is an activity that can get the entire family involved, no matter how far apart you may be!

Here are a few examples of multiplayer games you can play virtually:

All of these games can be played with multiple players while hanging out over a video chat service like Google Hangouts or Zoom.

3. Watch a movie together

While you may not be able to gather around in the same room, there are a variety of options to stream a movie together online. The Google Chrome extension Netflix Party can be easily installed and allows you and your loved ones to join and watch a movie in synchronization, no matter where you are. Netflix Party also offers a group chat feature so you can share your insight on what's happening during the movie. This extension easily allows you to feel like you're all together streaming your favorite Netflix movie or show.

4. Host your own wine tastingvirtual-wine-tasting-for-mothers-day-during-covid19-1

While you may not be able to get out to a winery this Mother's Day, you can certainly still share a bottle of wine at a distance. Send your mom a couple of bottles you would like to try and get some for yourself as well. Once your mom has the wine, set up glasses with small amounts of each type. Try each one with some complimentary snacks and discuss what you like and dislike about each wine via video chat. Although you won't be in the same room, you will still be able to have great conversation while trying a variety of different wines.

5. Create your own paint night

Send your mom a canvas and some paint and design your own paint night! There are tons of YouTube video tutorials for painting. If you’re looking for a traditional painting tutorial, tune into a Bob Ross episode on YouTube and make your own happy accidents! You can set up video chat, screen share the video tutorial and get to painting together virtually. At the end you will both have a new piece of artwork and share many laughs along the way.

With all the craziness in the world today, it’s important to take time to celebrate the mother(s) in your life. We hope these five activities spark some creativity to make your virtual Mother’s Day celebration as special as it can be. Comment below to let us know if you try any of these, or if you have any virtual celebration ideas of your own!

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