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Can Health Care Professionals Meet the Aging Population

Can Health Care Professionals Meet the Aging Population's Health Care Needs?

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MeetingSeniorNeedsAs senior care providers across the United States begin to focus more on creating friendly, more homelike environments for aging seniors, the need to build trusted community partnerships becomes imminent. It takes a team of multidisciplinary health care professionals to meet the needs of the aging population. But with the population of those age 65 and older projected to reach 83.7 million by 2050, according to the United States Census Bureau, will health care professionals be able to keep up?

A Spring 2013 article published by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania addresses this question: Can the U.S. meet its aging population's health care needs? We've heard it said time and time again that Americans are living longer; consequently, longevity doesn't necessarily equate to longer, healthier lives—as pointed out by the article. The dilemma of rising costs associated with health care is not only a concern of health care professionals, but more directly its families, caregivers, and seniors who bear this burden.

The Cost of Long-Term Care

The median annual cost of long-term care services in the state of Pennsylvania is $107,493. That's a hefty price tag, especially when you take into consideration your coverage options. For example, did you know Medicare doesn't pay for assisted living? The top three concerns seniors and their families face when it comes to paying for long-term care are limited or no financial income, daily care and transportation, and uncertainty of care needs. With the population aging fast, limited coverage options and indecisiveness over care needs, where does that leave senior care service providers?

Presbyterian Senior Living is ready and willing to lead the charge and address these issues. To meet the aging population's health care needs, a sense of urgency—combined with our legacy of caring for the underserved—is our number one motivating factor. Embedded in our mission, it's what guides us in delivering quality care to all seniors. And as your care needs change, you can count on the accessibility of services at any of our senior living communities. We never ask anyone to leave our communities because of an inability to pay.

Meeting Growing Needs of Seniors

Driven by our desire for growth as an understanding, compassionate, mission-oriented organization, we are always looking for new ways to extend our reach. From constructing brick and mortar establishments in underserved market areas to joining forces with other providers committed to similar values, we can and will meet the growing need of seniors.

Through implementing innovative programming, committing to ongoing growth, and nurturing our current and future leaders, we create an environment in which seniors thrive. Here are a few of the ways we keep our organization strong and dedicated to continuously improving the quality of life for residents.

The Masterpiece Living Program

Masterpiece Living is a comprehensively tested, data-based program that provides senior living organizations with a blueprint for helping seniors lead dynamic, vibrantly healthy lives. The program holds that successful aging includes several vital elements, including social engagement, a sense of meaning and purpose, and a mentally stimulating and physically active lifestyle.

At Presbyterian Senior Living, we take the principles of Masterpiece Living to heart, and we implement the program in a number of ways:

  • Advancing resident-led initiatives. Residents offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. With the right support, they can create initiatives that bring joy and help others. Our residents’ selfless acts inspire us every day.
  • Promoting physical fitness. Engaging in regular physical activity is important throughout life, and it’s vital that seniors stay active. By providing programs that help seniors with balance, flexibility, strength and overall physical fitness, we support healthy aging.
  • Encouraging spirited living at every age. We believe that aging gracefully, vibrantly and healthfully goes far beyond how someone looks on the outside. Our campuses offer activities that provide multiple types of engagement — intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional — for residents of every age and ability level.

Investments in Growth

Thanks to our innovative programs, welcoming environments and caring team members, Presbyterian Senior Living is growing rapidly. A recent example is Quincy Village, which held the groundbreaking for its new Parker House Assisted Living — which we believe represents the future of assisted living.

In small house settings like Parker House Assisted Living, residents feel at home in a comfortable, family-like atmosphere. Residents are secure and part of a close social group, but they also maintain privacy and plenty of personal space with their own suites. When they’re ready to socialize and savor meals, residents can enjoy beautiful common areas.

When residents of Parker House Assisted Living need additional care, they can get it right in their current home without having to be uprooted and moved to another location. In a familiar setting and with staff members they know and love, residents can continue to thrive as they age.

To support seniors around the country, we continue expanding our current communities and welcoming new communities into the Presbyterian Senior Living family.

The Right Leaders, the Right Guidance

At Presbyterian Senior Living, we believe that leadership is a vital role endowed with important responsibilities to our residents. To ensure that our company continues to provide optimal living environments for seniors, we work hard to identify and support our future leaders.

Through our Talent Management Program, we encourage the ongoing professional and personal growth of our upcoming leadership stars. By providing our current and future organizational leaders with the right guidance that adheres closely to our mission, we continue to offer seniors the best possible care now and in the future.

Mission-Focused Senior Living

Every day, we recommit to our mission of promoting wholeness of body, mind and spirit for seniors. By incorporating the principles of Masterpiece Living into our programming, continuing to expand our campuses and welcoming new communities, and nurturing our current and future leaders, we strive to provide the best possible environments for aging.

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