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Save on Your Energy Bill with These Energy Saving Tips [Infographic]

Save on Your Energy Bill with These Energy Saving Tips [Infographic]

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EarthDayThumbnailConcerned about your energy bill? Looking for clever ways to reduce your home energy cost? You're not alone. As the country continues to grow, so does the demand for energy. To combat this issue, the U.S. economy has transitioned to become more energy-productive, looking for new and innovative ways to decrease its energy consumption.

As a leading provider of senior care, Presbyterian Senior Living also understands the importance of this transition and the overall impact it has on our consumers. Henceforth, we're focusing our efforts on developing and retrofitting existing buildings to create energy efficient senior living communities—ones our consumers are proud to call home. As a result, we've learned a few energy efficient tricks along the way and have shared them in the infographic below.

Energy Saving Tips in 3 Simple Steps [Infographic]

April 22 is Earth Day. All around the world, people are aiming to become better stewards of the environment. Learn what you can do, in 3 simple steps, to make the environment in which you live more energy efficient. Your wallet will thank you.



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