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Essential Technology for Older Adults

Essential Technology for Older Adults

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Essential Technology Older Adults | Man Using Smart PhoneOlder adults are often hesitant to embrace new technology; usually because they don’t know how to properly use it, and they aren't sure what benefits they'll get from it. However, by educating them about the benefits of new technology, you can show them how it can enhance their lives. This in turn will help them see technology for the helpful tool it is, instead of fearing or avoiding it because of lack of education.

Essential Technology That Enriches The Lives of Seniors:

  • Cell Phones: When utilized properly, a cell phone can make a world of difference in the life of an older individual. A cell phone can present the opportunity for photo sharing and social updates via social media sites. It also gives your loved one the ability to contact you any hour of the day. There are many apps that can be added as well, which can further benefit seniors who use cell phones.
  • Video Chatting: According to a 2012 survey of centenarians, completed by UnitedHealthcare, being socially engaged is just as crucial to healthy aging as genetic predisposition. Of course, technology is no substitute for in-person interaction; however, it can serve as a stopgap until you can see your loved one once again. One of the most commonly utilized forms of video chatting is Skype.
  • Fitness Trackers:  A good fitness tracker can do more than keep up with the amount of steps a person has walked throughout the day. This device can also serve as a solution for keeping medical history and other important information all in one easy-to-access location. It can make it easier for a senior, and the medical professionals providing their care, if the person needs medical treatment.
  • Medication Monitors: Keeping up with medication can be a difficult task for older individuals. This is especially true if the amount of medication they have to take on a daily basis is substantial, which is pretty common. In a 2009 survey on medication, Medco Health Solutions found more than half of their senior participants took five different medications daily. However, an astounding 25% of these individuals had to keep up with anywhere from 10 to 19 medications on a daily basis. It is easy to see how medication mistakes can be made when dealing with this many different medications. Thankfully, you can add a medication monitor app to your older loved one’s smartphone. This will remind them of their proper medication schedule and prompt them if they miss a dose. 

Technology is no longer only applicable to the young. Now the same technology can be utilized by all ages.  The above are a just a few examples of essential technology your loved one could be using. By helping or teaching them how to use such technology, you can make their lives and yours a little easier. 

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