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Steering Group Approves Charter, Creates Community Education, and Prepares for Launch!
Jim Mangol

By: Jim Mangol on December 30th, 2020

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Steering Group Approves Charter, Creates Community Education, and Prepares for Launch!

Thrive Wellness

The Thrive Wellness Steering Group (TWSG) met for the seventh time on December 2nd. During this meeting, the Thrive Wellness Community Committee charter was approved, and the 2021 rollout plan was discussed. In the first quarter of 2021, residents will be provided education about Thrive Wellness. First, Resident Councils will have a presentation from their Executive Director or Campus Administrator and their Thrive Wellness Steering Group member. After this presentation to the council, a Thrive Wellness presentation will be given to all residents via a virtual town hall, community newsletter, etc. Each PSL community will choose the form of communication that works best for them.thrive-wellness-collaborationThe next step will be to formthe Thrive Wellness Community Committee per the charter in each community. Residents will be invited to consider being a part of this important committee of the overall Resident Council. The TWSG met on December 23rd and 30th to review and continue to work on the Thrive Wellness education and powerpoint that will be shared with each community.  

Jim Mangol presented the initial draft of this education to all executive directors and community leadership at the Operations Leadership Team meeting in early December. Members of the TWSG will present Thrive Wellness to their Resident Council and all residents, along with their executive director or campus administrator. This collaboration between residents and community leadership working together is fantastic and goes to the heart of Thrive Wellness and purposeful living. There is much excitement as they prepare to present Thrive Wellness to the residents in each community!

Thrive Wellness's culture encompasses all six dimensions of wellness and purposeful living:  Emotional, Occupational/Vocational, Social, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual; and residents' choice as to how they live and experience these dimensions. At the heart of Thrive Wellness is resident engagement and empowerment. Residents will lead Thrive Wellness in each community, and one of the most important steps to ensure this is the formation of the Thrive Wellness Community Committee (TWCC) at each community. This important committee will meet monthly to operationalize Thrive and make decisions regarding programming, services, etc., for wellness and purposeful living in their community. Every community has special aspects inherent to them that residents hold dear. This committee will be able to leverage those aspects and celebrate them as part of Thrive Wellness's culture as they move forward.NWI 6 Pillars of Wellness

During the first quarter launch, and after the Thrive Wellness presentations have been made to the council and all residents in each community – the TWCC will begin to form. The steering groups' hope and intent are that these committees will begin meeting in each community in March 2021. Each Thrive Wellness Community Committee will be made up of a diverse and well-rounded team of residents and PSL team members who will represent their residents very well with regard to wellness and purposeful living decisions and efforts. Exciting times are ahead as we approach the New Year and the launch of Thrive Wellness to all independent living residents living in Continuing Care Retirement Communities!

Please stay tuned for next month’s post for Thrive Wellness updates and share this information with your friends. Invite them to subscribe to the PSL blog. Thrive Wellness monthly blogs will post at the end of each month.

People who come to Presbyterian Senior Living come for more than just a place to live– they come to feel energized, challenged, and fulfilled; they come to THRIVE.

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About Jim Mangol

Jim Mangol, Corporate Director of Thrive Wellness, supports PSL’s Thrive Wellness initiative, volunteer programming, and fitness centers. Jim has served in senior living wellness for over 22 years, bringing with him extensive experience in aging services as well as health and wellness at non-profit life plan communities. He is well known to PSL as he has been a consultant since 2016 for our Fitness and Aquatic Center programming. Jim is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, as well as a 2015 graduate of the Leading Age PA Fellows in the leadership program. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Healthcare Administration degree at Delaware Valley University. Jim is an active member of the International Council on Active Aging and the Senior Exercise Professionals of PA. Jim lives in Hatfield, PA with his wife Shannon, 3 sons: Aiden, Austin, and Anthony, and a three-year-old rescue dog named Nala. He enjoys spending time with his family, spending time outdoors, coaching youth baseball, and teaching CCD/REC.