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Steering Groups Meets to Define Purposeful Living Philosophy and Dimensions of Thrive Wellness
Jim Mangol

By: Jim Mangol on November 19th, 2020

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Steering Groups Meets to Define Purposeful Living Philosophy and Dimensions of Thrive Wellness

Thrive Wellness

The Thrive Wellness Steering Group met for the sixth time on November 4th and discussed the Thrive Wellness communication and messaging with the PSL marketing team as we move forward. The marketing team provided a presentation and then engaged the steering group with several questions to get their direct feedback and suggestions as the Thrive Wellness communication plan is being developed.

A wonderful conversation ensued as topics included communicating Thrive to: residents, team members, residents' family members, and prospects considering living at a PSL community. One of these important meeting results is that a tremendous amount of resident input will now inform PSL in messaging Thrive Wellness as we edge closer to 2021. In the first quarter of 2021, Thrive Wellness will launch for independent residents living in our Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs).thrive-wellness-messaging-2021

During this meeting, the steering group drafted the "Purposeful Living Philosophy of PSL." This statement represents the true essence of Thrive Wellness and PSL's overall commitment to all residents living with purpose, each making decisions for themselves, their wellness journey, and choosing the most meaningful aspects to them. This statement will be shared with PSL leadership, and eventually, the Program and Services Committee of the PSL Board of Trustees.

Much discussion and effort in the meeting then centered on the Thrive Wellness Community Committee charter and ensuring that it met the parameters and tenets recommended by the steering group – especially those PSL residents who are members.

One of the agenda items for the next meeting of the steering group is to approve this charter. In the first quarter of 2021, each community's Thrive Wellness Community Committee will be formed based on this charter. As we move forward, each step along the way in the development process of Thrive Wellness is very exciting!     

The culture of Thrive Wellness encompasses purposeful living and engagement, empowering all individuals to live their best lives as they choose within six main dimensions as defined by the National Wellness Institute Emotional, Occupational/Vocational, Social, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual.NWI 6 Pillars of Wellness

Emotional - The emotional dimension recognizes awareness and acceptance of one's feelings. Emotional wellness includes the degree to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about one's self and life. It consists of the capacity to manage one's feelings and related behaviors, including the realistic assessment of one's limitations, development of autonomy, and the ability to cope effectively with stress.    

Occupational/Vocational - The occupational/vocational dimension recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in one's life through work/vocation. At the center of occupational/vocational wellness is the premise that occupational/vocational development is related to one's attitude about one's work and vocation. Traveling a path toward one's occupational/vocational wellness, one will contribute their unique gifts, skills, and talents to both personally meaningful and rewarding efforts.  

Social - The social dimension encourages contributing to one's environment and community. It emphasizes the interdependence between others and nature. As one travels a wellness path, one becomes more aware of their importance in society, and the impact one has on multiple environments. One will take an active part in improving our world by encouraging healthier living and initiating better communication with those around them.  

Intellectual - The intellectual dimension recognizes one's creative, stimulating, mental activities. A well person expands their knowledge and skills while discovering the potential for sharing their gifts with others. Using intellectual and cultural activities in the classroom and beyond, combined with the human resources and learning resources available within the campus and the broader community, a well person cherishes intellectual growth and stimulation.  

Physical - The physical dimension recognizes the need for regular physical activity. Physical development encourages learning about diet and nutrition while discouraging tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. Optimal wellness is met through a combination of good exercise and eating habits. As one travels the wellness path, they'll strive to spend time building physical strength, flexibility and endurance, while also taking safety precautions so they may travel their path successfully, including medical self-care and appropriate use of a medical system. The physical dimension of wellness entails personal responsibility and care for minor illnesses, and knowing when professional medical attention is needed.

Spiritual - The spiritual dimension recognizes one's search for meaning and purpose in human existence. It includes developing a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist in the universe. One's search will be characterized by a peaceful harmony between internal personal feelings and emotions and the rough and rugged stretches of one's path. These are all meaningful experiences and components to one's search and will be displayed in the value system one will adapt to bring meaning to one's existence. 

The next steering group meeting will be Wednesday, December 2nd. The team will be finalizing and approving the Thrive Wellness Community Committee charter and reviewing the overall rollout plan for early 2021! The Thrive Wellness momentum is increasing!    

Please stay tuned for next month’s post for Thrive Wellness updates and share this information with your friends. Invite them to subscribe to the PSL blog. Thrive Wellness monthly blogs will post at the end of each month.

People who come to Presbyterian Senior Living come for more than just a place to live– they come to feel energized, challenged, and fulfilled; they come to THRIVE.


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About Jim Mangol

Jim Mangol, Corporate Director of Thrive Wellness, supports PSL’s Thrive Wellness initiative, volunteer programming, and fitness centers. Jim has served in senior living wellness for over 22 years, bringing with him extensive experience in aging services as well as health and wellness at non-profit life plan communities. He is well known to PSL as he has been a consultant since 2016 for our Fitness and Aquatic Center programming. Jim is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, as well as a 2015 graduate of the Leading Age PA Fellows in the leadership program. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Healthcare Administration degree at Delaware Valley University. Jim is an active member of the International Council on Active Aging and the Senior Exercise Professionals of PA. Jim lives in Hatfield, PA with his wife Shannon, 3 sons: Aiden, Austin, and Anthony, and a three-year-old rescue dog named Nala. He enjoys spending time with his family, spending time outdoors, coaching youth baseball, and teaching CCD/REC.