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Welcoming a New Year: Resolve to Discover Your Diverse World
LaJeune Adams

By: LaJeune Adams on January 4th, 2024

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Welcoming a New Year: Resolve to Discover Your Diverse World

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Welcome 2024! There can be excitement in walking into a new year. Celebrating milestones such as birthdays, marriages, weddings, anniversaries, births; the list goes on. As you enjoy these celebrations and perhaps move towards a few “New Year’s Resolutions” along the way, take the opportunity to build new relationships and celebrate what these new relationships may bring into your life.

Here are just a few ways to help you along the way.

Try something new in a new environment

Dance Class

Based on your interest, be it sports, the arts, cooking, or music, reach out to your local community to see what activities are offered that would allow you to meet new people, try something new and enjoy a new culture. How about learning a new language? Or learning to prepare a meal from another culture? Dancing is always fun; learn a new line dance, or perhaps learn to Salsa? Look outside of your comfort zone: January is the perfect time to try new things and meet new people.

Read about different cultures

This year learn more about new cultures. You do not need to take a trip to another country, you could pick up a book and be transported into a new world and learn so much about the world outside of your current environment. You can also watch foreign films, tune in to the Spanish‑language channels on TV, or spend time in the ethnic parts of your communities and enjoy.

Observe Without Judgment

As you interact with others and observe people’s behaviors, try to observe without judging the behavior (e.g., avoid thinking “Oh, that’s poor taste,” “How ignorant” or, “That makes no sense!”). Remember that we all come from a different place in our families, our communities, our education, our nationality, our religion, our culture. As an example, let’s look at the cultural differences in parents teaching children new things. U.S. American parents are typically very verbal, giving directions by telling their children what they want them to do. Mexican parents, on the other hand, are less verbal and more physical; walking over, taking their child’s hand and leading them in what they want them to do. In this observation, there is a clear difference between cultures, and without taking the time to respect the differences one could judge which way is the better way to teach a child something new.

Remind yourself to enjoy being you!

As you enjoy and recognize other cultures, don’t forget to celebrate you! Your culture brings value to everyone around you. Celebrate all that you are, all that you bring, all that you have learned and share your authentic self with your family and your community!

We live in a diverse and global world where the true goal of belonging for all is to embrace the complexities and blessings, of all who are different from yourself. At Presbyterian Senior Living, residents and team members celebrate their differences every day. Each community offers different activities, events, outings, and menu options. The list goes on and on and may expand or change, based on the input from the residents and team members. As the new year begins; embrace all of the excitement of a new year. Enjoy new adventures, expand your experiences, make new memories, new friends and make sure that you share the uniqueness of you and all that you bring.

Happy New Year!

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About LaJeune Adams

PSL’s Cultures and Values give assurance of our organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, through ensuring that all stakeholders feel that they belong. By lifting up voices and people, we will create an organization where all stakeholders feel that they are of value. As part of this commitment PSL formed Culture Champions within each community and location within the organization. Culture Champions are PSL representatives empowered with leading the movement of living and teaching our values while embracing DEI initiatives and encouraging others to do the same. As the Corporate Director of Education and Development and DEI Officer, LaJeune Adams is one of the PSL leaders that supports and works directly with the Culture Champions. LaJeune has worked with Presbyterian Senior Living for over 16 years in the roles of Human Resources Manager and Area Human Resources Director prior to her current role.