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Enhancing the Lives of Seniors with Masterpiece Living®

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What is Masterpiece Living?

original_Masterpiece_logo-lgWare Presbyterian Village is one of the first communities in the region to offer Masterpiece Living®, a new approach to senior living that helps residents lead more robust and fulfilling lifestyles.

Research shows that aging well – both physically and mentally – is largely dependent on lifestyle. Masterpiece Living is our way of ensuring that the people who live on our campus have the opportunity to challenge themselves across all aspects of their lives, creating stronger balance and fulfillment.

The Masterpiece Living Approach

Based on a 10-year Study on Aging by the MacArthur Foundation, the Masterpiece Living approach provides stimulating, life-enriching, measurable programs designed to enhance the lives of residents, staff and the entire culture of the community.

Masterpiece Living Physical activitiesMasterpiece Living communities embrace the enormous potential of all adults to maintain or improve their mental and physical health at any age and level of living. A variety of physical activities and exercise programs, designed by residents and staff, meet individual needs and interests. Programs are fun, enjoyable and provide evidence that disease and decline are not an inevitable part of the normal aging process.

Masterpiece Living Intellectual BenefitsEach Masterpiece Living community establishes a culture of opportunity for life-long learning that keeps residents engaged in life – providing intellectual stimulation through lectures, small group activities, discussion groups, and individual pursuits and interests that empower residents to be actively involved in life and all it has to offer.

Masterpiece Living Social BenefitsA Masterpiece Living Community celebrates the connections between and among its residents. Opportunities for socialization expand friendship circles and promote life satisfaction. Research has validated the correlation between quality of life and social connectivity, yet Masterpiece Living communities respect the uniqueness of each individual.

Masterpiece Living Spiritual BenefitsEach resident in a Masterpiece Living community is encouraged to seek and define his or her own spiritual well-being. Tools and resources to help residents discover their own meaning and significance in life are provided in a culture that promotes and supports spiritual growth.

Rooted in the finding that how we age depends more on lifestyle choices (70%) than genetics (30%), Masterpiece Living strives to enact change within and by the community, aiming to challenge and motivate residents to discover new hobbies, set and achieve new goals, and ultimately lead healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles.

Dr. Roger Landry, President of Masterpiece Living, offered this insight, “If a community can provide the environment and culture that believes in the growth of their residents, the residents will respond to that. That is what Masterpiece Living is all about – a philosophy that believes in the growth in all areas of our lives and achieving this potential.”

People who come to Ware Presbyterian Village come for more than just a place to live. They come to feel energetic, challenged and fulfilled; they come to thrive.

Masterpiece Living Stories

Masterpiece Living has made a huge impact on the way older adults in our communities live life—from staying active to pursuing lifelong goals. Check out some of the stories below:

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