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Fred Wall

Fred Wall is the Fitness Director at Green Ridge Village in Newville, PA and has provided exercise advice and guidance for diverse segments of the population for almost twenty years. Fred has a bachelor’s degree from Juniata College, a master’s degree from Frostburg State University, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He resides in Newville, PA with his wife Megan and their two children Laurel and James.

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Thrive Wellness

Enjoying the Great Outdoors Responsibly

On the way home from a recent backpacking trip my fellow hikers and I were rehashing the past few days and making plans for our next adventure when the discussion turned to the subject of managing the amount of visitors to backcountry and wilderness areas. Specifically the idea of implementing quotas in high traffic areas and limiting access struck a nerve with one member of our outfit. “The whole idea is ridiculous. Why should I have to ask the king’s permission to access land that belongs to the people? We should be able to use it anytime we want.”

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