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Celebrating Older Americans Month
LaJeune Adams

By: LaJeune Adams on May 5th, 2022

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Celebrating Older Americans Month

Health & Aging  |  Thrive Wellness

Older Americans Month recognizes the contributions of older adults across the nation. While raising families and building careers, older Americans also gave back to their communities in a variety of ways. In their lifetime, times have changed, and they continue to volunteer and serve their neighborhoods in their own ways. Whether they mentored children, volunteered at a soup kitchen, or served their country, each one deserves recognition for their commitment.

iStock-1339017577Every May, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) leads the nation’s observance of Older Americans Month. This year, ACL’s theme is “Age My Way.” Learn how the ACL is embracing Older Americans Month.

Here at Presbyterian Senior Living (PSL), we celebrate and honor older adults and all their contributions every day. Through PSL’s Thrive Wellness program, PSL promotes a culture of wellness and purposeful living to empower all individuals to live their best lives. Embracing six dimensions of wellness, which are: Vocational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotional; residents living in PSL communities engage themselves daily, making decisions and choices which are best for them along their journey.



PSL also honors residents aging their way through our fundamental culture and values.

  • Mutual Respect – Listening to the voices of the residents gives an opportunity to hear and understand different and sometimes competing perspectives. Championing individual choice is the cornerstone of how each resident can “Age My Way.”
  • Connectedness – Through the multiple resident programs and services; there is an organic connection to each other and the communities in which they live. This connectedness is demonstrated through the collective power of teamwork and volunteerism, within their individual communities and within the communities at large. Residents are involved in advocacy groups and causes that they are passionate about and PSL supports their involvement.
  • Trust – Residents trust that PSL, through our interactions, accountability and being good stewards of all resources, will help them to thrive and age the way they would like at every stage of life.
  • Creative Curiosity – Residents are a source of helping PSL “discover what’s possible.” As technology is utilized to enhance the resident experience, resident community Technology Committees have been formed to support each other and ask the “what if” questions regarding what is possible.

PSL believes that diverse communities are strong communities. Ensuring that older adults remain involved and included in our communities for as long as possible benefits everyone. It is PSL’s partnership with our residents that brings diversity to our programs and community engagement and offers all residents an opportunity to “Age My Way.”

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


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About LaJeune Adams

As part of PSL recognizing that our differences make us stronger, a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was formed to so that we could focus on recognizing these differences within our organization at all levels. Our objective is to celebrate what makes us unique within each community and embrace these differences. We want to have a strong message of inclusion for everyone and share this message with our residents, their family members, our staff, our volunteers, vendors, business partners and our Board. This Task Force is led by LaJeune Adams, Director of Employee Education and Development. LaJeune has worked with Presbyterian Senior Living for over 14 years in the roles of Human Resources Manager and Area Director of Human Resources prior to her current role. The Task Force is comprised of multi-departmental leaders who aid in ensuring the voices of staff and residents are represented in the goal of continual growth in recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion within the organization.