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Jessica Sharer

Jessica has more than 25 years of experience in skilled nursing care and aging services. She has been employed with PSL since 2009 and is a certified nursing director of long-term care. Mrs. Sharer serves PSL in the role of Vice President of Clinical Excellence and is responsible for leading Presbyterian Senior Living in the development of clinical programs and services that improve the health and wellness of the people we serve. She is the Treasurer for PADONA and serves on the Saint Francis University Nursing Program Advisory Board. Jessica received her Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing at Mount Aloysius College and completed her Master’s degree in Nursing Education and Leadership at Saint Francis University.

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Health & Aging  |  Thrive Wellness

National Donate Life Month: The Gift of Life and Hope

Did you know that more than 114,000 people in the United States are on a transplant waiting list? Even the largest football stadium in the US could not fit the number of individuals on the national transplant waiting list! You may have family members, neighbors, or friends who are impacted by the shortage of organ donors.

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Health & Aging  |  Miscellaneous

National Arthritis Awareness Month

The month of May brings about warmer temperatures, fragrant flowers blooming, and the anticipation of summer. This month is recognized each year as National Arthritis Awareness Month. Arthritis is a disease that impacts more than 50 million Americans.

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