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Kevin Mallon

Kevin Mallon is the Senior Director of Healthy Living at Pine Run Village. “I have a deep, internal joy for helping people make progress. I believe that a focus on growth, learning and striving is what keeps our souls burning, and is at the core of true well-being. People shine the brightest when we come together around a positive, common interest and we create meaningful experiences that last a lifetime.” Kevin has forged his fitness and wellness expertise through working with older adults and meeting them with presence and attention while fostering a supportive environment, open to possibilities. Being a 22-year member of the Senior Exercise Professionals of PA, has allowed Kevin to collaborate with leading professionals on creating the atmosphere to achieve holistic wellness. His degree is in Exercise and Sports Science from Ursinus College and is a certified Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO). Kevin’s is dedicated, through 25 years of experience in senior living, to working with, and empowering older adults to build resiliency and pursue their passions and unique abilities. He views each person as the captain of their own ship that he can help serve as an advocate in mind, body and spirit.

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Thrive Wellness

Playful Wisdom: The Villager Games Unveiling the Art of Well-Being

In the vibrant tapestry of Pine Run Village, a Presbyterian Senior Living Community, the recent celebration of Active Aging Week 2023 was not just a week-long event—it was a lively showcase of the profound connection between play, physical and mental fitness, and the overarching goal of our communities: empowering residents to develop a holistic healthy lifestyle.

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